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Understanding habitat features of native mussel reefs

Our project is making a start using the endemic, green-lipped mussel (kutai) to develop artificial surfaces that are attractive to native species and make them want to settle and stay for the long haul. Such surfaces can then be incorporated into coastal infrastructure, a process referred to as ‘ecological engineering’.
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Crack open the bubbles – it works!

Our recent experimental trials demonstrate that bubble streams are highly effective in controlling biofouling accumulation on experimental surfaces, and we are now keenly focused on developing operational systems to deploy in New Zealand’s ports and marinas
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Sampling for biosecurity onboard the Robert C. Seamans (SEA, Woods Hole)

Our PostDoc researcher Ulla von Ammon has taken part in the SEA Semester® research cruise organized by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Ulla shared with us challenges and exciting moments experienced during the expedition. Do you want to learn more about how does it feel to be a molecular scientist on a sailing ship?
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