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This page will host a growing repository of biosecurity risk mitigation tools developed as part of this programme. Most tools will become available in the second half of the research programme and any updates will be posted on the News page.

Level of Fouling (LOF)

The Level of Fouling (LOF) is a nominal rank scale with six categories and is widely used to rapidly characterize biofouling on submerged surfaces of ships and boats.

Auckland Council recently contracted Cawthron Institute’s Biosecurity Team to develop an updated guideline for application of the LOF scale. This document can be downloaded.

The LOF scale and its application will feature in some of the research associated with the Marine Biosecurity Toolbox programme.


CRABS software tool

With the establishment of next-generation sequencing technologies, an increasing amount of data can be generated in the pursuit to uncover diversity patterns and detect species of interest. However, the reliability and accuracy of classifying sequencing data depends on the algorithm used, as well as the quality and completeness of reference databases. While curated reference databases are available for commonly used genetic markers in microbial research, curated eukaryotic reference databases are scarce, as are the software tools for generating them. Here, we present CRABS (Creating Reference databases for Amplicon-Based Sequencing), a versatile tool for generating curated reference databases of user-specified genetic markers to aid taxonomy assignment from metagenomic and metabarcoding sequencing data. CRABS is available for download as a conda package and via GitHub.

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