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Scientists empower Nayland College students with hands-on marine biosecurity activities

In an exciting educational event, hundreds of Year 9 students from Nayland College received a unique hands-on experience. A team of scientists from Cawthron and the University of Otago spent a day at the school, conducting a series of engaging activities to introduce the students to the concepts and tools used in marine biosecurity.

These activities were developed as part of the special biosecurity class unit developed within the Marine Biosecurity Toolbox in collaboration with Nayland College science teacher Gerd Banke. The scientists provided interactive sessions giving each class 75 minutes of immersive learning. Through three exciting hands-on activities, the students had the opportunity to observe marine pests, handle pipettes, and experience cutting-edge eDNA detection of invasive algae.

We hope that these workshops would inspire the young students and ignite their passion for science. By exposing them to the work of scientists and providing a hands-on experience, it will not only engage them at a young age but also help them explore potential pathways in the field of science.


Read more about this outreach event here.

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