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Ross Vennell

Cawthron Institute

Ross’ research focuses on physical  oceanographic modelling: using particle tracking to predict areas where eDNA from source populations can be…

Gert-Jan Jeunen

University of Otago

Gert-Jan is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow with research interest in spatial and temporal resolution aquatic environmental DNA (eDNA) in the…

Neil Gemmell

University of Otago

Neil is a geneticist with interests in the development and deployment of new molecular tools for a variety of applications…

Jo-Ann Stanton

University of Otago

Jo is an expert in High Throughput Sequencing technologies and molecular diagnostics. In the programme she is developing molecular tools…

Ulla von Ammon

Cawthron Institute

Following on from Ulla’s PhD research on developing novel molecular tools for biosecurity purposes, Ulla continues that work as a…

Xavier Pochon

Cawthron Institute, University of Auckland

Xavier is an expert in applying molecular techniques for environmental monitoring, design of molecular sampling devices and large-scale citizen science…

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